Why you should choose Luxembourg for a Christmas market trip…

It’s not the first European destination that springs to mind when you think of the festive period and the quintessential Christmas market but it is seriously underestimated.  I had lots of business people wandering round in suits and loads of offices in my mind’s eye when my husband booked this as a birthday treat for me.  Travelling has always taught me to hold your misconceptions and go see what’s there though, so one amazing weekend later and I’m writing a blog post about how good it was! So, without further ado here’s why:

Great Christmas market locations and opening hours
Ok, so we were staying in the Cravat Grand Hotel which has a fair right opposite (and the best one too!) but there were several and these were all within walking distance from each other. The weather was chilly at the beginning of December so you don’t want the attractions to be too far apart.  When you are only around for a short while you want to make the most of the time you have and the markets were open until 11 each night.  This meant once we had arrived on the Friday evening and checked in, we could still pop out, grab a drink and a bite to eat, and start our adventure before Saturday morning.  Oh, and the hotel did great cocktails as well!!

Large variety of stalls and a Ferris wheel
We had a large choice of stalls to buy some Stollen to take home with us (Jim is very partial!) but browsing was also very satisfying.  There were stands for crafts, woollen goods (buying a second hat was tempting at this time of year), obligatory Christmas tree decorations and jewellery  – I bought a necklace. The food stalls served essential gluhwein and large sausages to keep up the energy levels and added to the atmosphere.  One fair had a Ferris wheel which, of course, was hideously expensive for what it was but you could get a great view of the city from the top - and a santa band!

It’s actually rather a beautiful city
When you want a break from Christmas markets there is a fantastic walk, the Wenzel walk, which takes in the gorgeous Chemin de la Corniche which follows the 17th Century city ramparts.  Once it has wound downwards it continues through the fortifications of Bock Casemates and onto Grund with its stunning Abbaye de Neumünster.  Luxembourg is built over a gorge which provides for some pretty spectacular photo opportunities.  It did help that we had two stunning blue sky clear winter days but the Notre Dame cathedral was also a sight to behold inside and out.  If you want other distractions that don’t involve the great outdoors, the escape room that we went to, and escaped from, was an excellent one as well - there is a whole variety of themes to choose from across the city!

It’s really easy and cheap to get to

We are lucky in that we live about 20 minutes down the road from Gatwick, but if you can get there, there is a handy Friday evening outbound flight and a Sunday evening inbound thus squeezing all you can from the weekend.  Our flight with easyjet was £80pp and the 30 minute bus to town was all of €2 and back to the airport was free on a Sunday!

We came back large converts for a lesser known Christmas market destination and would urge you to put it on your list if trying to decide where to go.


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